Racking Solutions

Since our wide truck range and complete racking offer go hand in hand, each project is custom-made when it comes to storage capacity, pallet flows and pallet turnover. This way we can deliver maximum space utilisation, higher productivity, reduced costs – and enhance overall efficiency.
Standard pallet racking in warehouse

We continually look to optimise your warehouse operations by combining the right racking type and configuration with the most suitable material handling equipment.

Conventional pallet racking

  • Most flexible solution for frequently changing warehouses
  • Minimal initial investment
  • Ideal for large quantity of unique articles (SKU’s)
Mobile pallet racking

Mobile racking

  • Up to 85% effective space utilisation
  • Drastically reduced storage cost per pallet location
  • Ideal for large quantity of unique articles (SKU’s)
Drive-in pallet racking in warehouse

Drive-in pallet racking

  • Ideal for homogenous products  
  • FILO & FIFO options  
  • Low initial investment
Gravity flow pallet racking

Gravity flow pallet racking

  • With sloped roller track sections, using gravity for the pallets to move
  • Perfect when handling large quantities of uniform goods
  • FIFO-based storage
Push-back pallet racking

Push-back pallet racking

  • Pallets are pushed backwards by the next one coming in
  • Ideal for medium quantities of homogenous products
  • FILO-based storage
RAE Radioshuttle in racking land

Aisle-free pallet racking with semi-automated shuttles

  • Semi-automated load carrier in combination with manual pallet handling, both controlled by one driver  
  • Ideal for storing homogenous products, with no depth limitation  
  • Ideal for cold store
Cantilever racking

Cantilever racking

  • Ideal for storing oversized irregular items and long loads  
  • Single or double-sided versions available  
  • Can be installed on mobile bases for increased storage capacity
Light shelving in warehouse


  • Universal shelving solution for small items
  • Flexible and easily adjustable storage  
  • Can be installed on mobile bases for increased storage capacity
Heavy-duty shelving in warehouse

Multi-tier shelving

  • Optimised use of cubical space of the warehouse for picking operations
  • Ideal for storing small items for manual order picking
  • Removes the need for a mezzanine floor
Live storage racking in warehouse

Dynamic picking

  • With inclined platforms with wheels and rollers  
  • Suitable for consumer goods businesses and assembly chains  
  • FIFO picking solution
Mezzanines and partitioning

Mezzanines and partitioning

  • Increased floor space without investing in a new warehouse
  • High flexibility in usage
  • All mezzanine floors and partitioning are custom-made
Driver using BT Optio for order picking

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Radioshuttle in a specialised racking

BT Radioshuttle

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