Approved Used trucks

Depending on your needs, a new truck may not always be what you're looking for. Due to financial reasons or your usage, our range of used trucks may be the right choice for you.

Our promise

  • Quality trucks from our contract hire fleet
  • Only the best trucks make the grade
  • All trucks are prepped to a quality standard

Discover the journey of our approved used trucks, and what we do to guarantee you quality.

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Why choose a used truck?

  • If you have an occasional need
  • As a back up to your existing fleet
  • As a stand by truck

Buying a used truck can save you money compared to a new truck. For example, if you only need a back-up truck to do specific tasks every once in a while, or if you urgently need an extra truck to make it through busier periods, we can help you out with a used truck.

Our approved used trucks are now available to buy online on our online shop.

Why buy an Approved Used truck?
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Quality used trucks

  • Produced according to Toyota Production System (TPS) principles
  • Serviced and refurbished by us
  • Warranty included

You can buy our used trucks with confidence, since we produce them according to the Toyota Production System. Throughout their lifetime, they are maintained by our Toyota certified technicians with Toyota genuine parts and refurbished by us afterwards, followed by a final technical inspection.

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  • Find the right truck for you
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