I_Site My Fleet

Do you want to gain complete control of your fleet costs for a given time period? Using the online data from your connected trucks, the I_Site My Fleet package provides the forklift fleet information you need.

I_Site Starter

Comes at no cost with smart trucks from Toyota. Provides fleet and service data to keep you up to date. Read more.

  • Fleet Overview
  • Machine Usage
  • Service Requests

Cost overview

A total cost summary for a selected period of time, helps you to identify operational variations and optimise profitability of your site over time. With My Fleet you will be able to identify costs such as:

  • Individual machine costs.
  • Damage costs.
  • Repair costs.

Service history

With My Fleet you'll have access to service data to optimise a future service plan and prolong your smart truck's lifespan. You will be able to scan data such as:

  • Number of breakdowns.
  • Incidents.
  • Repair jobs
  • Service intervals 


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More insights in the VELUX central warehouse

As the world's largest manufacturer of roof windows, VELUX creates a better living environment and quality of life under the roof. I_Site fleet management system provides support in this. 

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Danske Fragtmænd improves productivity & safety with I_Site

Danske Fragtmaend's terminal in Taulov has introduced the fleet management tool I_Site, which gives a complete overview of the terminal's 42 trucks.

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Toyota supplies Natures Menu with drive-in racking for cold store

Natures Menu got a complete logistics solution offered by Toyota to store their frozen raw pet food. The drive-in racking solution within their cold store warehouse can store almost 1000 pallets.

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Ecochem opts for racking and shuttle system

Ecochem International produces fire-retardant additives based on environmentally friendly chemicals in its new factory in Willebroek. Ecochem opted not only for Toyota forklift trucks but also for the racking and shuttle system.

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