I_Site Explorer

Presenting a wide range of connectivity features, the I_Site Explorer package comes with all the tools you need to assure maximised safety and productivity in every area of your site.

I_Site My Fleet

Acts as an online inventory of your entire smart forklift fleet across one or multiple sites. Read more. 

  • Starter package
  • Cost Control
  • Service History

Customisable KPI Dashboard

A user-friendly dashboard interface offers an easily accessible, accurate, real-time overview of your operations such as:

  • Utilisation
  • Shocks & impacts
  • Battery status


Shock Management

Shock sensors provide information on collisions and help to prevent and avoid damage to your connected smart trucks and infrastructure. Giving insights like:

  • In app shock notifications
  • Total amount of shocks
  • Intensity of the impact
  • Date and time of impact

Machine & Driver Management

To make sure only trained and authorised drivers have access to your equipment it's possible to:

  • Create unique driver profiles with PIN code
  • Use Smart Access card
  • Manage drivers' licences

Safety Management

Follow up on impacts to continuously monitor and improve safety. For example, you can make sure the smart truck goes into creep speed after an impact. The truck will go back to full capacity only after being checked and reset by an authorised technician.

Battery Management

Optimise battery usage to prolong the battery lifetime and improve safety by preventing misuse.

Outdoor Positioning

Makes it possible to track the location of the smart trucks outdoor on your site via Google maps. You can for example identify critical areas on your yard where impacts occur. 

Pre-Operational Check

Performing a customised safety check before starting up the truck improves reliability and safety in the workplace. A few examples of possible pre-op checks:

  • Are the forks in good condition?
  • Are the wheels or tyres damaged?
  • Are the brakes working correctly?

Smart access

A smart card for drivers helps to increase safety and security by only allowing authorised drivers to access specific machines, with the possibility to add the feature to your existing smart cards.


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More insights in the VELUX central warehouse

As the world's largest manufacturer of roof windows, VELUX creates a better living environment and quality of life under the roof. I_Site fleet management system provides support in this. 

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Combine I_Site with gamification

Challenge your drivers in an exciting competition for a safer work environment in your warehouse!

Team Challenge from I_Site helps to improve driver behaviour and increase overall safetywhile engaging your staff and boosting team spirit.


  • Rewarding gamification during usual work
  • Individual and team level accomplishments
  • From 1 to 9 weeks of competition
  • Weekly feedback and safety scores
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