Do you know which wheels to choose on your truck?

Wheels for hand pallet trucks

Your truck needs the right type of wheels in order to perform optimally. Choosing the right type of wheels depends on the application and environment in which the truck will be used. We offer different materials for the wheels to suit your needs.You can choose between single or bogie wheels depending on how much the truck is used. 

Different wheel materials for Hand Pallet Trucks

Our hand pallet trucks can come with wheels in six different material types. The choice of the fork and steer wheels depends on the price, the type of application, usage intensity and the type of surface the truck will be used on.


  • Easy rolling wheel on hard, even floors
  • Hard and durable
  • Best choice when the load is heavy


  • Preferred when a low noise level is required
  • Makes heavy loads slightly harder to pull
  • Suits all kinds of application


  • Noiseless travel 
  • Better durability than a rubber wheel
  • High wear resistance


  • Very quiet   
  • Provides good grip on wet/slippery floor
  • Sometimes harder to pull the truck


  • Suitable for heavy industry
  • Easy rolling wheel that prevents chips or small items from sticking to the wheel
  • Very long life time


Bogie wheel

Bogie wheels travel better on uneven floors.As the load is distributed on more wheels (less point load and point friction), individual wheel wear is reduced.

Single wheel

Single wheels are preferred on even floors and enables easy turning. The wear on a single wheel, however, is higher. A single wheel is always combined with a climbing wheel at the fork tip for easy handling of pallets on the long side.

Wheels for Powered Pallet Trucks

The Powered Pallet Truck models offer four different material types.
The choice of drive wheel is a matter of balancing price, road holding characteristics, usage intensity, type of application  and load handling performance. Read more about the 3 different wheel types below.

1) Castor wheel: When the truck turns or passes a bump, pressure increases on one castor wheel as a result of compression of the spring. Thanks to the torsion tube, the other spring will compress by an identical amount. The truck remains stable and will never start to rock and travel like a 'walking duck', a classic phenomenon when spring forces do not interact.

2) Drive wheel: Because of the central placement of the drive wheel, the machine does not pitch when the wheel regains its grip after spinning, e.g. on wet floors and ramps. With a drive wheel placed off-centre, considerable lateral movement can occur in these situations.

3) Fork wheel: Possible to choose between single or bogie fork wheel. Single for easy manoeuvering and positioning for long side handling and Bogie for easy climbing on uneven surfaces and heavy loads.

Different wheel materials for Powered Pallet Trucks

The choice of the drive and fork wheels depends on the price, the type of application, usage intensity and the type of surface the truck will be used on.


  • Provides excellent grip, even on
    moist surfaces
  • Does not leave marks on floors

Vulkollan Quartz

  • Causes a sand paper effect that
    results in slight wear on the
  • Excellent grip


  • Hard-wearing wheel rated for very high loads
  • Ideal choice in heavy-duty applications


  • Intended for normal load handling
  • Provide good grip


  • Cheaper alternative designed for less intensive applications
  • Suits all types of applications

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