Poiesz purchases new lithium-ion order picking trucks

Poiesz recently received new order pickers with a lithium-ion energy package from Toyota. With the purchase of the new OSE250P trucks, Poiesz opts for a more efficient use of space in the distribution centre in Sneek and better ergonomics for the drivers.

About Poiesz

Poiesz Supermarket was founded in 1923 and is the only independent regional chain store in the north of the Netherlands. Poiesz now has 72 supermarkets and 71 liquor stores spread over Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel and Flevoland. The head office and distribution centre are located in Sneek. The strength of Poiesz is that they are located in the region and are therefore very close to the consumer, selling lots of local produce. This unique family-owned chain, now 100 years in business, was named 'the best supermarket in the Netherlands' in the GFK (Growth For Knowledge) Supermarket Report of 2022. 

Facts & figures

  • Company: Poiesz
  • Location:Sneek (the Netherlands)
  • Industry:Supermarket chain
  • Applications: Li-ion energy package
  • Trucks: 8 OSE250P 

The process at Poiesz and why the OSE250P 

Space in warehouses is often scarce and it is always a challenge to use it as efficiently as possible, as Poiesz also experiences. The OSE250P order picker has a lifting platform which makes it possible to pick orders on the second level and even the third level. This creates many more pick locations. And by placing B and C items on higher levels, the picking process remains efficient and fast. 

The employees make Poiesz, which is one of the main spearheads of the family business. This means that focus lies heavily on the well-being of employees on the work floor. This order picking truck has a very low step-in height. This, in combination with short walking distances, ensures ergonomic working methods which prevents injuries. 

The switch to lithium-ion batteries 

Over the years, the number of order picking trucks has grown considerably. This created a lack of space in the cargo area. Together with Poiesz, we went looking for a suitable solution. 

The most suitable solution was to switch to trucks with a lithium-ion battery, instead of a lead-acid battery. Because it is possible to load at intervals and at different locations, the demand for the loading space capacity has spread out. An additional advantage is that the Li-ion energy package, developed and produced in-house by Toyota, is maintenance free and has a much longer lifespan than the traditional lead-acid battery. 

Trucks built in 2000 are still used at Poiesz, and the expectation is that the new trucks will be able to use a single energy package for their entire operational life, which will further reduce operational costs. 

Service by Toyota Material Handling 

For many years, Toyota Material Handling technicians have been servicing the majority of the truck fleet, consisting of several brands. This has a number of advantages for Poiesz. One point of contact for all service, fewer technicians present and a significant reduction in maintenance costs. 

In addition, there is now a better overview of the costs and the replacement time frame of the trucks. As a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) entrepreneur, naturally Poiesz wants to use the trucks for as long as possible. Toyota's reliability and low maintenance costs combined ensure a responsible and sustainable operation. 


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