Short term rental fleet of trucks

Six reasons short term hire could work for you

What is short term hire, when should you consider it and most important what impact can that have on your business? All important questions that hopefully this quick blog will answer, so let’s get down to it…

Short term hire is the process of hiring material handling equipment, from one day to many months. Our short term hire fleet totals around 4000 different trucks, from electric counterbalance forklift trucks to tow tractors and hand pallet trucks.

Short term hire from Toyota includes complete service support from a national network of over 600 service technicians including guaranteed response times.

Now you know what’s available, here’s when you should use it…

1. Peak or seasonal times

Whether unexpected or seasonal demand, short term hire will allow you to react quickly and deal with increased demand… But remember to book early for big calendar events like the Christmas rush!

2. Emergency replacement 

If your truck is being serviced or repaired, a short term hire replacement can be booked to make sure you keep your operation up and running.

3. Product evaluation

Thinking about changing equipment? Short term hire allows you to thoroughly evaluate a specific model before purchasing or committing to a long term rental.



short term hire handing keys

4. Specific Requirements

Do you move a specific type of pallet or product once or twice a year?! Short term hire is the answer.

5. Bridging truck (Change) 

Is your business going through operational change (A warehouse location)? If so a short term hire truck can reduce the impact of the change by giving you the flexibility to decide when, where and how long you need support.

6. Flexibility (Financial)

Talking about flexibility… Short term hire can give you financial flexibility as there are no long term terms and conditions. Ideal for some businesses.

We have a team of short term hire experts who can offer a wide range of trucks and additional attachments and services if you think short term hire is right for your operation.

For more information about short term hire call us on 0370 850 1403

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