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Extend the life of your hand pallet trucks with regular servicing

Hand pallet truck maintenance not only helps to extend the performance and life of your pallet trucks, but also protects the wellbeing of your team says Tony Sharpe, Head of Service Development and Hand Pallet Truck After Sales at Toyota Material Handling.

Don't neglect your hand pallet trucks

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Designed to make moving pallets loads easier, safer and faster, manual hand pallet trucks – sometimes referred to as HPT’s, pump trucks, pallet jacks or pallet lifters – play a key role in countless warehouses, retail outlets and manufacturing sites all over the world.

We all know the frustration and stress arising from delays to the production process or hold-ups in the supply chain caused by the failure of materials handling equipment, but when essential tools that are in near-constant use, such as hand pallet trucks, malfunction it is not only a company’s ability to meet deadlines that suffers. A business’s reputation can be negatively impacted too – and that usually leads to reduced profitability.

Learn how to use a hand pallet truck

Our dedicated hand pallet truck team

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Toyota has developed a dedicated national team of Hand Pallet Truck Specialists specifically to keep these vital workhorses safe and performing to the highest standards at all times.

Whether you use a single hand pallet truck or several across multiple locations or at one site, Toyota’s dedicated, national team will ensure that your productivity remains high by arranging and undertaking a regular servicing and maintenance plan. Hand pallet trucks must be routinely inspected and maintained to comply with health and safety regulations, such as Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER 98).

Toyota’s HPT Specialists are trained to work on any make of hand pallet truck – not just Toyota models. This is essential for those that operate mixed fleets. To keep downtime and costs to a minimum, Toyota’s Specialists carry out maintenance work at your facility.

The importance of HPT servicing

Why you should service your hand pallet truck fleet

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Regular hand pallet truck maintenance is also essential for the safety of your workforce and a robust service programme will identify any potential is

A structured service schedule from Toyota provides cost transparency. Because fees are agreed up-front, budget forecasting becomes far simpler. Toyota’s ‘Pallet Truck Plus’ is a hassle-free hand pallet truck rental option with low monthly costs on a two-year agreement.

Taking HPT truck maintenance seriously means that any potential problems can be identified before they become more serious. Over time, this not only helps to extend the performance and life of your trucks, but also protects the wellbeing of your team.

How to operate a hand pallet truck safely

We offer a 99 year guarantee on hand pallet trucks

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While a strict servicing and maintenance regime is the best way of preventing significant downtime - hand pallet truck build quality is also a major factor in maintaining operational efficiency.

Manufactured at a dedicated production facility in Sweden, the BT Lifter range of hand pallet trucks from Toyota Material Handling comes with a 99-year functional guarantee on the fork frame and a 5-year guarantee on the pump unit.

With their built-in sustainability, all models in the BT Lifter range set the highest standards in hand pallet truck durability, strength and performance. Capable of lifting and moving loads weighing up to 2.3 tonnes, in work-cycle tests BT Lifter HPTs have been shown to deliver optimum performance for up to five times as long as other trucks on the market.

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