Pallet Truck Plus

Market leading hand pallet truck rental from Toyota gives you a hassle-free way of operating your fleet of pallet trucks with lower total cost of ownership.

No capital outlay - Best value

Pallet Truck Plus provides an easy way to operate a fleet of pallet trucks with budgeted annual costs. For a low monthly payment, we supply a new pallet truck on a two-year agreement.

Technician next to service van

Efficient materials handling - Best performance

BT hand pallet trucks have been setting standards in strength and performance for over 60 years. Today’s BT Lifter range from Toyota Material Handling maintains these values. These trucks are proven to be the most durable – lasting up to five times as long as other trucks in work-cycle tests.

Full pallet truck range available

Pallet Truck Plus from Toyota gives your operation the chance to use the pallet truck range with no limitations, including:

  • BT Lifter Standard
  • BT Quick Lifter
  • BT Lifter Galvanized
  • BT High Lifter Manual
  • BT Lifter Stainless
  • BT Lifter Silent
  • BT Lifter Wet Spec
  • BT High Lifter Electric

Hand pallet truck outdoors

Best support

Toyota Material Handling UK has a team dedicated to servicing hand pallet trucks, keeping your trucks safe and operational. We provide national support for the service and maintenance of all hand pallet trucks to reduce the risks of breakdown.

No maintenance costs
Your truck will be fully serviced free of any further charge on a twice-yearly schedule by our experienced and dedicated pallet truck service team. The team are fully trained to maintain your trucks, ensuring your vital goods are kept moving and reduce downtime.

No hidden extras
In the unlikely event of your truck having a mechanical breakdown between scheduled service calls, our Pallet Truck Specialists will visit free of any further charge.

Manager looking at I_Site on iPad

I_Site truck management

I_Site connects your trucks, collects the data and gives you an overview of what’s happening and tells you how to optimise your operation.

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Service technician servicing a Toyota truck


Our service plans keep your business up and running. Get the most out of your trucks and plan your operation with complete confidence!

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Toyota Production System

We apply lean manufacturing to our production and work according to a pull system, which means we only produce what you order.

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Toyota Service Concept

We express our passion for service with the Toyota Service Concept, a structured approach to optimise our services.

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