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Toyota Tonero gas counterbalance forklift working in port

To buy or not to buy: part two

When it comes to forklift trucks or any type of materials handling equipment for that matter, the decision to purchase outright is a big one. But don’t worry, here at Toyota we provide you with the option to either purchase or rent your truck depending on what suits you and your business. Last week, we talked all about the benefits of purchasing a truck.
Toyota salesman

Now, let’s look at the other option. When you rent a truck, there will be no initial outlay, just fixed monthly fees which include full service, maintenance and thorough examinations. A rental agreement with Toyota provides money-back guarantees on our performance levels. We can even supply a replacement machine to cover for mechanical breakdowns if we can’t repair within 24 hours.

Rental agreements can be short-term or long-term, new or used equipment and offer flexibility to change a truck mid-term if it no longer suits your business needs. We will work with you to fully understand your materials handling operation and tailor your contract to best suit your requirements.

Once your contract period is complete, you can look at options to extend your existing agreement or replace the equipment, leaving the re-deployment of the machine to us. When we have utilised a truck to its full life potential, we use our network of contacts across the world to dispose of equipment via the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable route.

Don’t forget, rental fees are currently accounted for ‘off balance sheet’ and this can have a positive effect on your company’s gearing ratio.

Of course, whether you rent or own a truck, the day to day operating costs must be considered. We manufacture electric, gas and diesel counterbalance and a full range of electric warehouse equipment. You can also read our blog post on the different types of power we have available.

To summarise our last two posts, when making the decision to purchase a truck outright or to rent; consider the overall lifetime cost of the truck including all ongoing maintenance throughout the time you intend to run it and the cost of disposal at the end.

If you’re still unsure whether outright purchase or rental is the best choice for you, feel free to contact us on 0370 850 1409 and a member of our team will happily discuss the available options with you.

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