Why buy an Approved Used forklift truck?

When looking to purchase materials handling equipment, many buyers will automatically look at buying brand new as they believe that new trucks offer guaranteed reliability; however, the possibility of buying used trucks should not be overlooked. Depending on the requirements of the business, a used truck could be more beneficial.

When should you look at buying used forklift trucks?

There are certain situations in which businesses should consider purchasing used equipment and it is largely dependent on the operation.

Companies should consider pre-owned forklift trucks if they require a back-up to their current fleet during busy periods or if the equipment is only being used occasionally; for a single shift or only for a few hours per day.

However, other businesses may buy pre-owned equipment as their primary truck or fleet of trucks as a more affordable option; this is often due to the fact that they feel a used forklift truck will provide them with the support they need at a lower cost. 

The benefits of buying used forklifts

There are many benefits to buying used equipment; first and foremost used equipment is more affordable to buy than new, especially if the forklift trucks have had low usage by their first owner.

This means that businesses who opt for buying a used machine are effectively able to purchase a high-quality and high-performing truck for less, ensuring a better return on investment than if they were to purchase new. The low cost of a used truck in comparison to a new truck also gives businesses more financial flexibility. Some customers, for instance, will opt to take advantage of renting used trucks to utilise in non-core applications or to provide cover during times of peak activity as an alternative to using more expensive new trucks. This is also a huge attraction for many businesses with tight budgets.

Used trucks when bought or rented from a reliable source have also generally been maintained to a high standard through regular inspection and servicing, therefore they will be in great condition. For example, used trucks from Toyota have been serviced by Toyota technicians from new using genuine parts. This means that Toyota knows the full-service history of the truck and only the best trucks are picked to be refurbished and sold or rented.

What should you look for when buying used equipment?

When looking to purchase a forklift or warehouse truck it is always worth looking for a high quality supplier where the truck has been fully serviced throughout its life, where it has been refurbished with genuine manufacturers’ parts and where all the safety critical parts have been carefully inspected. Leading manufacturers like Toyota carefully select trucks from their rental fleets, so they have been responsible for the maintenance of the equipment from new and therefore can provide information about its working life and service history. It is always important to ask careful questions about the level of inspection, preparation and warranty being offered with a pre-owned truck, it is also essential to ask about the working life of the truck as this can indicate areas of concern. In particular, forks and masts are subject to huge stresses over the life of the truck. The higher the lift height, the greater the stresses so it is important to pay particular attention to the mast mounting points on such a truck. If a truck has been used in a yard with an uneven surface a buyer could expect to see wear and tear on the pivot point of the rear axle, so again this should be inspected and included in any warranty.

An advantage of Toyota counterbalance trucks is the swing lock cylinder, which forms part of the System of Active Stability which helps to reduce wear on the pivot point. Toyota trucks also have industrial engines that are built for quality and long-term reliability throughout the trucks second and third life. For any piece of electric materials handling equipment, the battery is a vital component. Consider a truck with either a new battery or one offered with a warranty from the battery manufacturer. The drive motor can also be subject to wear and tear on electric equipment so check this is included in the warranty. If a buyer needs to use the truck with an attachment, or think they may need to in the future, they should look for a model with the correct hydraulic arrangement as this can be very expensive to retrofit. When purchasing from an approved supplier, they will check all of this for you removing the stress from the buying process.

What can buyers expect from Toyota?

Toyota approved used equipment allows buyers access to some of the safest, most reliable and durable equipment on the market. All Toyota Approved Used trucks come from their contract hire fleet, maintained by them, from new, by fully trained Toyota technicians, using genuine manufacturers’ parts. They provide a guarantee to their rental customers that they will keep their truck working, so are committed to keeping their fleet in the best possible condition with regular preventative maintenance and this shows in the quality of their used equipment offering. They only select the equipment for re-sale that will offer their customers the best value and highest quality. They must meet stringent quality and safety standards before being overhauled at Toyota’s dedicated 200,000 square foot Fleet Management Centre in Leicestershire. The full refurbishment of all of the trucks is carried out by their workshop engineers, and they can prepare them to suit the full requirements of the customer. Toyota also offers flexible finance options, meaning businesses can benefit from using a reliable piece of equipment, whilst protecting their capital.    

Alan Sowersby, rental and used director at Toyota Material Handling UK comments “Purchasing a pre-owned truck from Toyota means businesses are able to rely on the highest quality trucks that are all refurbished to the highest standards using the world-renowned Toyota Production System. Only the best trucks are picked for re-sale, therefore we aim to give the customer access to reliable, durable and most importantly affordable equipment.”  

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