Limited time offer on the BT Tyro

A step up from manual pallet handling with the new electric powered pallet truck

Buy one get one half price when you buy a BT Tyro before 31st March 2021.

Introducing the new BT Tyro LHE130 entry level model which is perfect for light electric pallet truck applications and is able to transport and lift loads up to 1300 kg. It combines the features of a powered pallet truck with the flexibility of a pallet truck making this truck the ideal solution for hand pallet truck users who need an extra boost in productivity

The BT Tyro LHE130's compact design is perfect for use in confined areas such as retail, back of store, warehouses, and loading/unloading lorries. The LHE130 is ergonomic and can be manoeuvred effortlessly thanks to its tiller arm allowing it to work perfectly while in a vertical position. This truck comes with a maintenance free Lithium-Ion battery for fast and opportunity charging ensuring high availability and flexibility


Product features

Excellent manoeuvrability

The 208° steering angle enables smooth and easy manoeuvring and ensures safe handling.


This truck is equipped with PIN code access.

Castor wheels

The two castor wheels on the sides ensures stability.

Removable battery

Lithium-Ion battery for increased productivity. The maintenance free Lithium-Ion battery can easily be removed.

Fast charging

With the 36Ah Li-Ion battery and the 12A charger the charging of the battery takes about 3 hours.

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