Toyota counterbalance forklift will demonstrate the benefits of hydrogen

Toyota Material Handling has provided a hydrogen-powered counterbalance forklift to Teeside International Airport in Darlington.

The truck will be used as part of a trial that is being undertaken by the Tees Valley Hydrogen Transport Hub to test hydrogen technology across a range of vehicles.

Established in 2021, the Government-backed Tees Valley Hydrogen Transport Hub has been formed to carry out research into the potential benefits of hydrogen as an alternative fuel source.

The Toyota forklift – along with 10 Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell electric cars supplied by Toyota (GB) - will be refueled at the Element 2 hydrogen fuelling station that opened recently at Teeside International Airport.

Opportunity to help the environment

Brendan Bilton, Element 2’s Chief Technology Officer, said: “For every 1kg of hydrogen fuel used, 3.7 litres of Diesel and 10kg of CO2 emissions are offset. The work of the Tees Valley Hydrogen Hub will encourage commercial vehicle fleet owners and operators to take advantage of this opportunity to help the environment.”

Paul Bowers, Toyota Materials Handling’s counterbalance truck specialist, commented: “We are delighted to be involved with the Tees Valley Hydrogen Transport Hub project.

We know from our experience that operators of large materials handling equipment fleets are keen to embrace hydrogen technology and Toyota Hydrogen fuel cell-powered forklifts are already operating at sites across the Nordic region and Europe as well as Australia. While in the automotive sector the Toyota Mirai is at the forefront of a new age of hydrogen fuel cell cars that deliver long distance zero-emissions driving.”

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