Looking to the future - Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology from Toyota

In our previous blog, we introduced you to Lithium-ion technology which is now available in a range of our trucks. This week we would like to introduce you to an area that we are looking to explore as a future energy option, Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology.

First of all, Hydrogen fuel cell technology works by Hydrogen and Oxygen combining to release electrical energy. The ultimate by-product of this is water, which means it produces zero emissions.

Internal combustion engine forklift trucks provide high levels of productivity and quick refuelling, however, they give off carbon dioxide (CO2) exhaust emissions which create an environmental challenge. Similarly, Electric forklifts provide high levels of productivity but do not produce any CO2 emissions. However, battery recharging on electric trucks takes from 6-12 hours, meaning the truck is either unavailable or battery exchange is required to provide continuous availability.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology has the potential to address all of the above concerns by providing a productive truck and refuelling in a matter of minutes for continuous use. It also does not produce any CO2 exhaust emissions, ensuring that it is environmentally friendly.

There are, however, many challenges need to be met in order for Hydrogen Fuel Cell to become a mainstream fuel in the future. These include producing sufficient quantities of hydrogen in a cost-effective way, as well as developing an infrastructure for the supply of hydrogen at the point of use for trucks, which can be costly. We’re committed to overcoming these challenges, and we have partnered with Plug Power to do so. Subject to a full site survey, we can provide the solutions for getting the infrastructure in place to supply hydrogen enabling Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology to be used and ensuring a higher return on investment for those wishing to implement the technology.

To find out more about Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology or to book a site survey, call 0370 850 1409.

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