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Close the door and switch on the light - forklift options for winter

So in our previous blog post, we provided you with our five top tips for ensuring you and your trucks are prepared for the winter months. This week, we want to go into more detail about the lighting and cab options you can add to your trucks to make them safer and ensure they stay operational at this time.
LED forklift lights


During winter, the nights get darker and visibility becomes poorer. So it is worth looking at the lighting on your truck. This should be considered when you buy a truck, but it is also easy to change on current trucks.

• LED lights – To ensure the longevity of lights during a time when they are needed themast-light most it may be worth upgrading the standard halogen lights on your truck with LED light units. Halogen lights are not as robust as LED and can break during truck use, this could then put the truck out of safe operation.

• Mast lights – To ensure ultimate visibility in darkness or poor conditions, it may be worth considering LED mast lights that are bolted to the mast of the truck. These are helpful when loading and unloading outside as it provides operators with significant illumination of the whole loading area that can help operators work safer.

• Other options – There are also a few other lighting options that light-barsmay increase visibility in the winter months. These include light bars and light units that can be fitted to your truck.

All of these parts can be retrofitted by our service team (Call 0370 850 1402), or purchase lights from our parts team (Call 0370 850 1404).

Canvas cab on Toyota Tonero


The cold and wet conditions we experience in winter may make you consider the cab on your forklift truck or reach truck if you have our versatile RRE160R. Operating outdoors without a cab may leave your operator cold, wet and unable to work as efficiently as they normally would, not to mention their own health and safety! There are a few cab options that you can choose from; depending upon the amount of time your driver will be spending outdoors in the truck and your budget. Cabs are best fitted at the factory, but can also be retrofitted later

• Cab with canvas doors – This option is ideal if your operator is not spending all of their time outdoors in the truck but still needs some shelter for when they are, it is also the most economical option.

• Steel cab – If you are spending the majority of your time outdoors in the truck, this option is best for you. It includes a full steel cab with doors that ensure you are kept fully dry and warm.

• Heaters – If you opt for the steel cab, you can also add a heater as an extra option to keep your hands toasty.

For more information about the various options you can add to your trucks, please call 0370 850 1409

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