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Toyota approved used trucks

Second hand isn't always second best

Did you know that we provide our customers with brand new materials handling equipment; we also offer a large selection of used equipment as part of our Approved Used Trucks range?

If you didn’t – you do now!

These trucks have previously been part of our contract hire fleet, which means we’ve looked after them from new, using Toyota genuine parts. Once they have come to the end of their hire term, they are refurbished in our UK centre.

Whether you need an occasional truck or a back up to your current fleet, our used trucks could be for you.

Silver: These forklifts provide you with value for money without compromising on reliability. They are perfect for less intense operations or as a backup to your main fleet. We check all of their functions to make sure they’re operating to manufacturer tolerances and then finally their paint is touched up and new safety decals are applied to them.

Gold: Our gold level forklifts are just the right balance between reliability and value for money, making them ideal for use in your normal day to day materials handling operation. All of their functions are tested and any defective parts are replaced with new, Toyota genuine parts. Finally, we repaint them in the original Toyota colours and re apply new safety decals.

Platinum: Platinum level forklifts are as close to ‘new’ as we can get them, making them the ideal choice for your business if you have an intensive operation. All components are inspected thoroughly and any defective parts are replaced with new, Toyota genuine parts. We then give them a full re-spray and original decals are applied.

If you would like more information, please call 0370 850 1409 or use our online contact form.

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