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We've got your back

Whether it’s back of store, back of truck or your operator’s back – we’ve got your back, with a range of powered trucks that boost productivity and improve health and safety. We have some great offers on powered pallet trucks and our pedestrian tow tractor - TWE080N. Contact us using the ‘Find Out More’ button to get more information, arrange a demonstration or talk to a member of the team.

BT Levio LWE130

A versatile powered pallet truck that delivers the benefits of improved health and safety with increased productivity.

  • Loads up to 1.3 tonnes

  • Ideal for use on vehicles equipped with tail lifts, weighs just 255kg

  • Highly manoeuvrable, intuitive controls with click to creep button

  • Excellent stability with 5 points of contact

  • Optional in-vehicle charger, power saving mode and maintenance free battery

  • Can stop on a ramp

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Toyota Tracto TWE080N

A compact and powerful pedestrian towing solution, perfectly suited to moving roll cages. Reduces the potential for accidents through manual handling.

  • Move loads of up to 800kg

  • Increase load stability as it tows the roll cage from the bottom

  • A differential gear box allows the unit to pivot and gives great manoeuvrability

  • Can stop on a ramp

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We're committed to helping you to improve safety, which is why we offer free resource materials to help you.

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