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Reasons to hire from Toyota

Emergency replacement

When you can’t afford any downtime, due to service or repairs, short-term hire maintains your productivity.

Seasonal demand

When you have season peaks or need to support an additional shift, short-term hire is an economical way to boost your fleet size.

Product evaluation

When you are evaluating a specific model in your operation, short-term hire can support you before opting for a longer-term agreement.

Occasional use

When you need a specific truck to get an occasional job done, short-term hire can cover a wide range of applications.

Save up to £340 on delivery costs when you hire any type of Toyota truck before 31st March.*


* Terms and conditions apply. (Representative example based on a 4 week hire of a Toyota Tonero counterbalance truck).


Two weeks for FREE

If you're looking for a powerful forklift for intensive outdoor operations, this versatile, diesel forklift truck is both reliable and durable. 

Hire this diesel-powered counterbalance truck for six weeks for the price of four - just £79.95 per week.**


A step up from manual handling from £14.50 per week

BT Levio powered pallet trucks are responsive and manoeuvrable, ideal for use where space is limited and travel distances are relatively short.

All six Levio powered pallet truck models have a max’ speed of 6 km/h and can transport loads from 1400 to 2500 kg.***

Increased efficiency from £29.75 per week

Designed for light to heavy-duty stacking operations, the Staxio powered stacker trucks are a versatile range with safe, durable and compact design.****

Hire this reliable truck from £59.75 per week

Traigo electric counterbalanced trucks are suitable for heavy-duty indoor operations with load capacities ranging from 1.0 to 8.5 tonnes. All models offer high performance and are equipped with our patented System of Active Stability.****

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Terms and conditions:

*Free delivery for standard delivery (within 2-3 days) only. Next day delivery subject to charge and subject to availability. Offer valid for Toyota Tonero counterbalance truck hires of 4 weeks or more booked between January 1 - March 31 2021.

**Transport costs apply. £79.95 weekly price based on six weeks rental.

***Based on LWE140 model and 72 month hire. Servicing included in price (excludes repairs and breakdowns).

****Based on SWE120 and 7FBEST15 model and 72 month hire. Servicing included in price.

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