Common forklift attachment types

Forks are of course the most common truck attachment. However, for certain applications other attachments are more suitable and beneficial (less damage, more productivity, safer). To name a few:

  • Sideshifts allow to shift forks left or right from the driver seat so operators can make small fork adjustments without manoeuvring the forklift.
  • Forkpositioners can spread the forks, to adjust to different pallets/load carrier sizes.
  • With clamps the operator can clamp onto the sides of a load without damaging or crushing the product. There is a wide range available such as paper clamps, bale clamps, whitegoods clamps.
  • Rotators have the forks attached to a rotating device that can turn between 180 degrees and 360 degrees. These attachments are used where bins or containers are handled.
  • Multi-pallet handlers are used to increase productivity by fitting a second or third pair of forks to the truck. Operators can pick up more than one load at a time and transport them side by side. These are often found in beverage and food handling warehouses.

Toyota sales experts can help you with the right attachment for your business.

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