Toyota helps RPC Containers to keep their trucks working safely and reliably

Toyota Material Handling UK is working with RPC Containers to provide a materials handling solution which is helping to improve safety in their operation. They have achieved this by supplying a fleet of Traigo electric powered counterbalance forklifts which were tailored to offer increased safety and reliability.

RPC Containers are a global leader in the design and manufacturing of plastic food and liquid containers with locations worldwide. Due to their large scale and busy operation, RPC Containers were looking for a materials handling partner who could help them to replace their current fleet with trucks that were easy and safe for their operators. They were also looking for reliable local service to maintain their fleet, due to the constant two shift operation that they have in place.

After an extensive trial with a number of suppliers, RPC Containers chose to renew their full fleet with Toyota, choosing Toyota Traigo 48 3-wheel electric counterbalance forklift trucks on a fully inclusive rental agreement which includes full service support. The lighter steering and ease of operation of the Toyota trucks was popular with their operators as it made it easier to manoeuvre around the warehouse and work more efficiently.  Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS) which helps to protect the operator and the load was also an important feature in the decision making process.

Steve Wrightson, Logistics Planner at RPC Containers Ltd says “We have used Toyota for many years, and have always been impressed with the quality and comfort of the trucks, but also the level of service Toyota have provided. All our trucks are continually working, so ensuring they are regularly maintained and serviced is crucial to our operation. Toyota’s quick response to breakdowns and guaranteed performance levels ensure lost working hours are kept to a minimum, which is great for our business.”

RPC Containers chose to specify additional options to improve safety for their operators including, blue safety light, seatbelt cut off and LED lights. Blind corners were a particular problem for RPC Containers and the blue safety light is a perfect solution to increase awareness of moving trucks for both other drivers and pedestrians around the warehouse. As operators are continually getting on and off their trucks, the seatbelt cut off feature helps to maintain safe operation and promote best practice.

The I_Site truck management system with built in pre-operational checks was also provided for the whole fleet.  This allows RPC Containers to monitor the performance of their trucks along with ensuring that they are in a safe condition to meet the demands of their busy operation.

Wrightson adds “Safety is also paramount to our operation as our trucks are constantly on the go. When we were specifying the trucks we wanted to take a proactive approach to safety and give our operators the confidence to work productively in a busy environment. The pin-code controlled access, pre-operational checks and shock sensors as part of the I_Site truck management system helps us to continually monitor and ensure the safety of our drivers and the reliability of our trucks.”

James Alder, territory sales representative for the North East area explained “After visiting the RPC Containers site and finding out about their operation, it became clear to me that safety was a priority for them, but they also wanted a strong service partner who could help to keep the trucks working reliably. We are confident in the quality of the Toyota Traigo trucks and combined with the service we are sure they have the total business solution.

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