Long-term partnership throughout each automation project

With more than 250 successfully delivered automation projects and over 800 automated guided vehicles in operation in Europe, we have a wide experience in handling automation projects. With dedicated automation specialists taking you through the different phases in the project, you can rest assured you will receive the best solution to reach your goals.

Experience from many automation projects

We are experts at automated material handling solutions

Our team of automation specialists will help you with strategies, ideas and solutions to automate your operations. Read some of our customers’ stories to learn more about how we’ve helped them with their automation journeys.

Securing cost-efficiency for TORO through driverless trucks

We helped TORO to onboard five automated trucks, which began operating alongside manual trucks and human operators, improving safety and capturing cost-efficiency and speed.

TORO case study >

Introducing AGVs to TINE’s dairy product handling

When TINE opened a new warehouse, it needed speed and consistency to transport its edible goods. We helped onboard an automated reach truck to help transport up to 26 pallets per hour.

Tine case study >

Helping deliver a smooth logistics goods flow at Coop

Employees at the Coop regional warehouse in Trondheim operate with safety thanks to Toyota’s automated stackers.

Coop case study >

Each phase of the project

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At our dedicated warehouse automated handling technology demonstration centre in Leicester, you will be able to see our range of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and semi-automated Radioshuttle in action. Whether it’s in person or online, our team is here to discuss your warehouse automation requirements. To contact or visit us, please fill out the form below.

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