Automated light load handling

Toyota offers an automated cart, Autopilot, for towing light goods:

Automated cart TAE050 HD+ telescopic arm

  • up to 750 kg load capacity
  • Euro pallet carrier

Automated cart TAE050 HD+ bolt on rack

  • up to 140 kg load capacity
  • small boxes or items

Automated cart TAE050 HD+ compact tow version

  • up to 175 kg depending on speed and floor conditions
  • Euro pallet carrier

Autopilots in action

Easy installation

The TAE050 HD+ follows a magnetic strip on the floor and receives commands along the way from the floor markers next to the guidance tape. After defining the material flow and (un)loading stations, simply stick the tape and markers to the floor and start the machine. Depending on the operation and needs, commands can be very simple from ‘slow speed’ or ‘stop’ to more advanced tasks. By using a spreadsheet, commands such as turning on the spot, driving at a predefined speed and enabling sound can be programmed. This delivers a simple automation system with high flexibility and consistent productivity levels.

High accuracy

The marker positions are continuously checked by the machine by measuring the distance in-between. If the 10% tolerance is exceeded, the machine will stop. A cost-effective way to maintain high accuracy without the need for RFID tags.

Accident-free operation

The safety laser scanner with 7 monitoring fields stops and makes sound when detecting an obstacle or person in front of the vehicle. An advanced 16-field obstacle scanner is available as option for mixed or very busy traffic situations. A strong metal bumper with rubber skirt sweeps away tiny items that could damage the wheels, avoiding the machine to stop. The TAE050 HD+ can have a personalised sound to improve awareness and safety.

Simple programming

The advanced drive command (PCC) programming can be done without any special software or equipment. Each green marker has a number in a spreadsheet program, and several commands can be enabled at each marker according to the settings you create in the Excel table. The vehicle can handle up to 100 drive missions.

Lower health and labour cost

TAE050 HD+ can replace operators’ repetitive work, allowing workers to do more complex tasks, increasing staff efficiency. This simple automation system prevents risk of work-related injuries or health problems by applying the highest safety level.

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