Let the Scooter keep your goods rolling

In warehouses, some distances might be too long to walk but too short to use a forklift. Instead, you can take a scooter: A few easy kickswill get you from A to B with minimum effort, carrying tools or other equipment on the attached trolley. The need for scooters exists in every type of industry: from automotive to manufacturing, airports and e-commerce. It’s extremely handy to move around tools or smaller orders.

Smooth even when carrying heavy tools

The work scooter first appeared in hospitals back in the 1970s, and is now available as a modern and updated version. After decades of manufacturing this product, quality, details and functionality are perfected. We know what workplaces look like and the everyday needs of the people actually using the scooters. The 86 model is named after its year of origin, having since perfected its quality, details and functionality. It rolls extremely smoothly and is easy to handle even when carrying heavy tools. An effective foot brake regulates the back wheel, leaving both hands free for steering, eliminating the need for hand braking.

Made in Sweden

The scooter is made in Sweden from steel and wood, which can be recycled and put back in the production loop, making this a sustainable choice. It comes with a lifetime guarantee on manufacturing defects, and our customers often have them in daily use for decades.

The only downside? Their popularity among staff members. The solution: invest in a few extra ones and keep on rolling.

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