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A large choice of lighting is available with different functions, colours and levels of brightness - built with a durable design to last in intensive environments. If you're looking to improve safety, lights can serve as a warning system to prevent accidents. Or to offer drivers better visibility, so they're able to drive safer with more confidence, improving overall productivity.

...with head lights

Head lights are the most commonly used forklift lighting accessories. Whether you're working in an environment that's poorly lit, outdoors, or during nightshifts – to provide visibility for your driver.
Available in different levels of brightness.

...with rear lights

These types of lights can have different functions, such as back-up lights, stop lights and turn signals. The benefit here is that they indicate that a forklift is in use, improving the truck's visibility from behind. This is key in busy operations with a lot of traffic passing through.

...with specialty lights

- Blue spot and other coloured LED lights: designed to visually alert pedestrians and other operators of the presence of a forklift nearby by projecting a coloured beam of light before or behind the forklift. This is especially useful as a replacement for an alarm or siren in a noisy operating environment.
- Flashing lights: function as warning lights, usually are available in different flashing settings or with an extra durable design.

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