Trends in Logistics 2024: prepare your logistics for the future

The world of logistics is going through a considerable transformation. There are significant ongoing changes in the business landscape, a mindshift in the general population altering social behaviour, new technologies, and radical developments in logistics – all presenting both threats and opportunities to players in the logistics sector. Trends in Logistics 2024 gives a high-level overview of the key trends that we believe are currently most urgent and relevant to understand when planning for the coming years. Download it now.

What are the trends to watch?

  • The economic trend in Europe is expected to improve in 2024 with gross domestic product (GDP) growth and lower inflation. However, geopolitical turnoil continues to threaten supplies and movement of goods. 
  • With the introduction of the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), strong focus still lies on environmental and social issues. 
  • Energy storage is becoming a key area, leading to a rise in the use of batteries or hydrogen. 
  • The labour market shows a trend in the pursuit of new skills required to support automated operations and digital processes. 
  • Workplace safety is a top priority right now, based on new pro-active solutions, whilst digitalisation for supply chain visualisation is becoming commonplace. 
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