BT Lifter galvanised hand pallet truck

Working in clean environments – stainless and galvanised trucks

So in this week’s blog post, we wanted to give you some advice about working in clean environments and the trucks that are most suitable for use in this type of operation.


BT Lifter Stainless Hand Pallet Truck

Our BT Lifter Stainless is specially designed to meet your high demands in hygiene-related applications. Made from durable high-grade stainless steel to prevent corrosion, this model provides efficient and reliable operation in extremely tough conditions.

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BT Lifter Galvanised Hand Pallet Truck

The BT Lifter Galvanised is a reliable yet affordable hand pallet truck ideal for use in semi-wet and corrosive environments, cold rooms or cleaning room applications. It's an economical alternative to the BT Lifter Stainless.

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BT Lifter Inox Hand Pallet Truck

The BT High Lifter Inox scissor-lift truck provides ergonomic goods handling at elevated heights and can be used as a height-adjustable workstation in corrosive or clean environments.  

Did you know we also offer a range of trucks suitable for use in cold store applications? Find out more here


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