Toyota Traigo electric counterbalance forklifts used in transport

What a week for the Traigo 48

If you’d not guessed already (or read our earlier blog post) – we love our trucks! One of our trucks that has had a particularly good week is the Traigo 48 electric counterbalance forklift.
Toyota winning FLTA award

So, we thought that we would let you know about the eventful week our Traigo 48 electric counterbalance forklift has had.

On Monday, we were incredibly proud to find out that this truck had won an FLTA award in the environment category, thanks to its class leading energy efficiency which has been boosted by the addition of a lithium-ion battery option which provides even higher levels of energy efficiency and the ability to opportunity charge the truck.

Not only did the Traigo 48 win this esteemed prize, on Wednesday one of these trucks appeared on The BBC’s The One Show alongside world renowned basketball team, The Harlem Globetrotters! The Globies as they’re commonly known had to try and shoot a basket into a hoop which had been attached to the forks of the Traigo 48, whilst the truck was spinning around – which is no mean feat! Needless to say, they successfully made the basket at the first attempt.

We’d say that’s a pretty successful week!

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