Toyoto HST Tonero Lifting Pallet

Toyota’s latest hydrostatic range is made for intense operations

Toyota Material Handling has updated and enhanced the models across its highly popular Tonero HST family of hydrostatic IC engine counterbalance forklift trucks.

Toyota’s Tonero HST range is designed for the most intense and demanding materials handling applications and the latest versions come with a host of new features that deliver extra productivity, energy efficiency and safety benefits to users in all industry sectors.  

For example, the Tonero HST collection’s impressive levels of safety and productivity have been further enhanced by the incorporation of a hydraulic retarder which, along with the trucks’ impressive 1ZS Toyota-designed industrial engine, contributes significantly to the driver experience by reducing noise-levels.

Added Comfort

To ensure that the truck driver remains at his or her most productive throughout the working day, operator comfort is given an extra boost with the introduction of a fully-floating advanced cabin which cuts vibration within the cab significantly. 

Meanwhile, the addition – as standard – of LED front working lights and rear combination lights aid visibility and, importantly, helps the trucks to be seen when operating in dimly-lit environments. 

Low Emissions

The trucks are powered by the latest Stage V compliant engine technology. Designed and built by Toyota especially for industrial applications, both the diesel and LPG engines ensure rapid acceleration, optimum fuel efficiency and ultra-low emissions. 

In fact, emissions from the Tonero HST range’s diesel- and LPG-fuelled engines are so minimal that they are notably lower than the levels set out by the European Commission in its Stage V emissions standards for non-road mobile machinery (NRMM). 

Smooth Control

The powerful hydrostatic LPG and diesel engines provide smooth, controllable yet rapid acceleration and allow the trucks to switch direction of travel from forward to reverse quickly and fluently – making the Toyota Tonero HST range ideally suited to busy operations that involve a lot of shunting work and where large volumes of goods have to be loaded and unloaded speedily, efficiently and safely. 

In addition, independent lift and drive functionality, an electrical parking brake and ‘stop-on-ramp’ capability all combine to add to the Tonero HST’s drivability. 

Technology and Safety

Like the majority of trucks in the Toyota range, the updated Tonero HST family comes with the world class Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS) technology as standard. 

Regarded as one of the most important safety developments in the material handling industry, the Toyota SAS dramatically reduces the risk of truck tip-overs by detecting unsafe operations. In simple terms, if the system’s sensors recognise a hazard, features that immediately enhance a truck’s lateral and longitudinal stability are automatically triggered to significantly cut the chances of the machine rolling or tipping. 

Sam Gray, Toyota Material Handling’s Product Development Manager, comments: “Having worked closely with our product team in Ancenis France, Toyota have designed a hydrostatic truck to suit all applications. The enhanced fully floating advanced cabin gives the operator the maximum visibility while offering optimised comfort and ergonomic design.  

“The smooth Toyota industrial engine ‘simply gets the job done.’ With drastically reduced emissions and overall fuel costs, the Tonero HST range really is at the forefront material handling excellence.” 

The latest Tonero HST trucks are offered with lift capacities ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 tonnes and a maximum lift height of 7000mm. 

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