Toyota to the rescue

Last December we donated one of our Tonero forklift trucks to Leicestershire Southern Fire and Rescue Station.

The idea for the donation came about during a conversation between Mark Johnson, a firefighter based at the station and Chris Pole, our National Parts Manager. Chris suggested the idea to our Commercial Director, Jon Buckley, who thought it was a great idea and recommended a Tonero forklift truck.

So why did we donate?

Jon mentioned, “While Toyota Material Handling is a UK-wide business, being an active part of our local communities is at the very heart of our values. The donation of the Toyota Tonero forklift truck is a gesture of thanks to the station for the fine service they provide the community local to our business centre here in Leicester and further afield.”

Thanks Toyota…

Ian Holden, Group Manager at Leicester Fire and Rescue Service added, “I would like to thank Toyota Material Handling for their kind donation of the forklift truck. It will be particularly beneficial as our Urban Search and Rescue team need to maintain their skills through regular training, as they could be deployed to any major incident within the UK, such as a collapsed building. The forklift truck will certainly make a difference to the team and for Firefighter training in general.”

So why a Tonero?

The station has used other manufacturer’s forklift trucks for this job previously but have found that the Toyota Tonero is much better suited to their needs. Why? Because it’s…

1)      Reliable

Tonero is built for demanding environments. It has a Toyota industrial engine specifically designed for forklift trucks and is robust and built to last. Tonero has proven performance, it is used in 100’s of different applications and industries across the globe.

2)      Ideal for use outdoors

Tonero is great for use in the station yard as it is fitted with wipers and a cab which are both essential for outdoor use - especially in the English weather. Tonero can be fitted with many different features making it suitable for all environments.

3)      SAS – System of Active Stability

SAS is our patented safety system that helps protect drivers, loads and trucks. It monitors the forklift’s tasks and automatically takes action when needed to help reduce the chance of tip-overs. This improves productivity as great stability, mast and fork control results in more efficient working. This means the firefighters can stay safe while practising keeping us safe too.

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