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Toyota Material Handling reaffirms its leading position in sustainability in Europe

Published today, the second sustainability report from the leading forklift truck company Toyota Material Handling Europe demonstrates their commitment to maximise safety, optimise business processes and minimise environmental impact throughout the value chain.
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The report ‘Dual Impact: together we make a difference’ shares measurable progress on 24 out of 25 sustainability targets set. It acknowledges the efforts of Toyota, its partners and stakeholders to meet targets and improve sustainability performance. EcoVadis, a provider of sustainability supply chain ratings, has ranked Toyota Material Handling Europe alongside the world’s top 2% of companies. This means that Toyota has demonstrated class-leading transparency and has achieved ‘Advanced CSR engagement’.

’Dual Impact’ follows the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines G3.1 in its focus to:

Maximise Safety

Toyota Material Handling aims for zero accidents and has succeeded in reducing lost days in factories by 67% over the last two years. Toyota is committed to raising safety standards in provision of training for forklift operators and warehouse managers, and actively engages the EU-OSHA network as a focus group.

Optimise Business Processes

EcoVadis rated Toyota Material Handling in the top 3% of global suppliers for its labour practices, dedication to cultivating talent and for promoting a responsible culture throughout the company and supplier base.

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Minimise Environmental Impact

By focusing on sustainability. Toyota Material Handling is growing its revenues while reducing emissions, with smarter fleets, buildings and manufacturing processes.

This second report extends the company’s reporting scope to cover more of its operations, and now includes 10 sales and services companies from Europe, including the UK., this includes over 82% of employees. A complete overview of our sustainability targets can be found in the Sustainability Report. Quality products and services also have a significant impact on the triple bottom line, which is why the report also includes Toyota’s efforts to remain ‘Number 1 in customer satisfaction’. The company is proud to have received the iF Universal Design expert and consumer labels for two of its products: the BT Movit S-series and N-series, Care Equipped for Mobility Support range.

Tom Schalenbourg, Sustainable Development Director at Toyota Material Handling Europe, said, “Reporting is just the tip of the iceberg – to run a responsible business, there must be continuous improvement. As a company, we are keen to meet and exceed our objectives and remain an industry leader in sustainability.”

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