Toyota Material Handling Europe achieves EcoVadis Platinum – ranking in top 1%

Every year, Toyota Material Handling Europe undergoes a sustainability assessment by the leading sustainability rating company, EcoVadis. The past few years, Toyota has received Gold, but this year they have been granted the Platinum award. This is the highest possible score, ranking Toyota Material Handling alongside the top 1% of companies in the ‘general-purpose machinery’ sector.


Ecovadis provide a system to allow organisations to evaluate their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) levels. It covers 4 main themes: Environment, Labour & Human Rights, Sustainable Procurement and Ethics.

Toyota Material Handling Europe has received the following rating for each theme:

Labour and Human Rights - 80/100

Environment - 80/100

Ethics - 70/100

Sustainable Procurement - 70/100


"EcoVadis Platinum enables us to build trust with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, and encourages all of us in Toyota Material Handling Europe to continue integrating sustainability in the way we work," says Tom Schalenbourg, Director Sustainable Development at Toyota Material Handling Europe.


Learn more about Ecovadis here.

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