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We’re all focused on safety right now and gloves, masks and sanitiser are the essentials that everyone is thinking about. But, remember the importance of Thorough Examinations as part of your approach to health and safety. It’s important to be aware that unlike MOTs, there is no revision of Thorough Examination guidance from the CFTS, FLTA, BITA or HSE – they still need to be completed as normal. As a critical part of maintaining workplace safety, Thorough Examinations help us all to maintain essential services, reduce component failures, damage and accidents.

Toyota’s 32-point check

Toyota’s Material Handling’s Thorough Examination is just that, thorough. With Toyota’s CFTS accredited 32-point check you can be sure that the equipment is thoroughly inspected. Toyota’s independent team of CFTS specialists have years of experience and are highly skilled in the examination of materials handling equipment. What’s more, Toyota conducts Thorough Examinations on all manufacturers MHE not only Toyota. A Toyota Thorough Examination complies to LOLER ’98 with all lifting parts of the truck checked, and PUWER ’98 with many other safety parts, including steering and braking, checked.

Material Handling Specialists

Not all Thorough Examinations are the same and unfortunately not all companies carry out checks as extensive as those done by certified Toyota Thorough Examiners. Toyota are specialists in Material Handling, applying years of expertise to these checks. Why settle for anything less when it comes to the health and safety of you and your colleagues? Investing in the safety of your team and your trucks is still essential for the future of business, as it always was.

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