BT Staxio stacker trucks used in retail and warehouse industry

Stacking up your options - the BT Staxio XR stacker trucks

The Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) Awards are this Saturday 4th March and Toyota Material Handling has been shortlisted for two awards. One of the truck ranges shortlisted is the BT Staxio XR range of stacker trucks. So for this week’s blog, we thought we would introduce you to the trucks, their features and how they could benefit your operation.
BT Staxio XR stacker truck

Last year we launched this new range of stacker trucks which replaced the RWE120 that had been a hugely popular truck for over 20 years. Following one of our values, Kaizen (continuous improvement), we developed a number of design changes to make the trucks simpler to use, safer and more efficient.

The BT Staxio XR series is a versatile range of stacker trucks that combine the compactness of a stacker with the flexibility of a reach truck. Equipped with retractable masts and the ability to handle different pallet types, the trucks are designed to save space and increase efficiency. Available as a pedestrian-operated truck or with a driver platform, the trucks can lift loads of up to 1.2 tonnes to heights of up to 4.8 metres. The SPE120XRD model ensures added efficiency as it is designed to handle two pallets at once.

These trucks are similar to other stackers in our range. The main difference is that the XR models have a retractable mast which likens them to a reach truck. This makes them ideal for operations that require the reach heights of a reach truck but do not have the space. The short turning radius of the trucks also makes them ideal for working in narrow aisles, tight spaces and they are adaptable to a wide variety of environments.

The trucks feature Optimised Truck Performance which adjusts speed when cornering and the Total View concept allows for excellent visibility through the mast to the fork tips at any height, offering safe driving conditions. The trucks also feature the unique Click-2-Creep function, meaning that by double-clicking the control lever the truck is set to creep speed allowing safer control in small spaces.

Other features of the trucks include:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Li-ion battery option
  • AC drive motor
  • Fast lift and lowering
  • Optional side shift or fork positioner for increased productivity


To find out more about our range of BT Staxio stacker trucks call 0370 850 1409

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