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With our BT Reflex range, you can find the perfect reach truck for your application. Already established as a leader in the design and manufacture of award winning reach trucks, we have bolstered this reputation with the recent introduction of three new models to our popular BT Reflex range. If you take these new models together with the existing line-up, it means that we can offer a reach truck that is perfectly suited to all warehouse applications.

The BT Reflex R-series trucks are high-performance machines with exceptional and unique features for working quickly and efficiently at height, without compromising safety for the driver or the security of the load. Designed to lift heavy loads of up to 2.5 tonnes and operate to heights of beyond 13m the R-series provides fast and smooth lifting and lowering thanks to excellent stability and Transitional Lift Control (the clever technology that eliminates shocks when lifting and lowering loads). In common with other models within the range the R-series benefits from our ‘Totalview  Concept’. This concept includes a clean mast and fork carriage design in combination with the optional 8mm laminated hardened glass roof offering the operator an exceptional view of the load at all times, increasing productivity and safety.

The BT Reflex E-series is the world’s only tilting-cab reach truck. It is designed to reduce the risk of strain in repetitive high-level applications. Working at height is also enhanced by the improved visibility of the load. The E-series also offers the highest residual capacities in class thanks to the superb stability of the truck. The reach movement is optimised according to lift height and load weight additionally increasing the speed of load handling.

We also have a reach truck capable of working indoors and outdoors designated the BT Reflex ‘O’ series.  It offers a real benefit for customers by eliminating expensive double handling and recently won an international iFOY design award in recognition of its design excellence. The tyres on all wheels of the O-series are super-elastic and with 145 mm of ground clearance it means the O-series can handle most outdoor surfaces, including gradients and transitions. In addition to having common features from the range it can also be equipped with all-weather protection.

Overall the BT Reflex reach truck range are not just high performing in terms of productivity, but also safety and driver ergonomics were critical considerations within the design. An operator can tailor the truck controls and seating to their individual preference, as the range is ergonomically designed around the operator with easy to use mini-joystick controls and a car pedal style layout. The seating positon is fully adjustable together with the steering wheel and even the floor height can be adjusted – making the cab a perfect individual fit.

BT Reflex R-series reach truck

When working safely with a reach truck, visibility of the load and its position is obviously a critical concern. So, to help give the operator the best possible visibility the BT Reflex range offers a number of optional features. These include options such as a hardened laminated glass roof, which gives a clear view of the forks; a fork position laser which provides a very clear indication of fork position and Toyota’s unique tilting cab. BT Reflex range cabs have been designed to give the operator maximum visibility in the working area, making for a safer working environment.

There is also the option of Li-ion battery technology, a virtually unique feature within the reach truck sector.  This maintenance-free battery technology can offer 30% less energy consumption during exceptionally fast charging, eliminating the need for battery change in multi-shift applications.

All of the Toyota Reach Trucks in the BT Reflex range can also be fitted with I_Site, our powerful telemetry system. Irrespective of whether you are a single truck user or operate a large dispersed fleet, I_Site provides critical real time safety information and features. I_Site can control access to trucks by pin or via smart access using a card or fob. It can also require a pre-operational check to be completed thereby helping to increase your operation’s safety. I_Site isn’t just about access control though, it has the potential to supply a constant feed of operation critical information helping to identify and reduce damage to trucks, monitoring utilisation and optimising truck and battery life. I_Site can play a critical safety role in any organisation.

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