Toyota Tonero forklift truck used in construction industry

Proven Performance: The Toyota Tonero forklift in the Construction industry

Previously, we told you about the transmission options available on our Toyota Tonero engine-powered counterbalance forklift trucks. In today’s blog post, we want to tell you about how our Toyota Tonero forklifts are the perfect build for the construction industry.

Our Toyota range of engine-powered counterbalance forklifts are a perfect fit for the construction industry. Simply robust, the industrial engines are designed to be protected against any possible dust. The truck is well equipped with standard specifications and will simply do the job thanks to their durability and reliability. Drivers have a choice of type of control, improving ergonomics and ease of operation.

Truck safety is an integral feature of all Tonero forklift trucks thanks to the Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS). SAS is the world’s first active system for controlling forklift stability and is fitted as standard on all of our counterbalance trucks. It incorporates a series of features that help to protect the truck, operator and load whilst driving turning and lifting. Thanks to the Swing Lock Cylinder, a feature from the System of Active Stability, safety and productivity are guaranteed during loading, unloading and turning. 

If you would like any more information on our Toyota Tonero range of engine-powered forklift trucks, call 0370 850 1409 today.

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