New for 2020 - Accessories by Toyota

New for 2020, we are delighted to tell you about some of the hidden treasures in our new online accessories shop. There you can browse and buy a range of accessories across nine categories: Exteriors and Forks, Safety, Trolleys and Scooters, Chargers and Connectors, Interiors, Tools and Workwear, Toyota Fan Shop, Lights and finally, Season. Here are a few of our favourite items:

#1 - Looking for something to reduce the risk of loads slipping from forks?

These versatile magnetic anti-slip fork covers are designed to ensure traction when handling loads with smooth surfaces. They are available in various sizes and optionally available with fork edge protection. Special versions are available for telescopic forks. They are also ideal for the protection of sensitive surfaces. The mounting is easy and done within a matter of seconds.

#2 – Prevent safety falling on deaf ears with this LED warning light

This Point LED alert light projects a coloured, concentrated light beam as a large, visible square on the floor in front or behind your truck. This early warning signal alerts workers that there is a machine approaching. As an industry leading concept, it ensures safety alerts are visual instead of audible only. This is especially useful in noisy environments.

#3 – Stop snow from impacting your outdoor handling operations

With snow gracing some areas of the UK this week we just had to mention these reinforced snow chains!

They have an innovative groove profile for increased grip and feature welded rings to ensure a stable connection between the chain and side chains. They have been specially designed for the requirements of forklift trucks, ensuring a long lifetime.

Did I mention, all our accessories come with a twelve-month guarantee too?

Click here to check out our accessories store and discover more… 

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