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MH JB... know your ICCB from your PPT

Quickly translated as ‘Material Handling Jargon Buster… know your Internal Combustion Counterbalance from your Powered Pallet Truck’.
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We live in a world with so much information and content that some of us don’t have the chance to take it all in. To some extent, it’s life in 140 characters.

When you add to that, the fact that we’re quite a technical industry and on a daily basis walk through a minefield of acronyms… it can be easy to lose your bearings.


So, we thought we’d help you to decode what you are actually purchasing or even to familiarise yourself with what your warehouse/operations manager is talking about, and have created this simple jargon buster:

MH – Material Handling – The process of moving pallets/goods around a warehouse environment.

MHE – Material Handling Equipment – The equipment that makes the above process work.

FLT – Forklift Truck – Range from 1.0t to 8.5t and can come powered by diesel, LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) or electric (24v, 48v & 80v batteries)

WH – Warehouse – no explanation required

DC – Distribution Centre – Stocks products before they are ready to be redistributed out to retailers, wholesalers or direct to consumers.

HST vs TC – Hydrostatic vs Torque Converter – What transmission you have in your forklift truck, it’s one or the other and really depends on application and driver preference. We’ve created this video to show the difference between the two.

TE – Thorough Examination – It’s basically an MOT for a forklift truck and a legal requirement in the UK. Make sure you stay safe and legal… find out more information on Thorough Examinations here.

CB – Counterbalance – Relates to all forms of counterbalance forklift truck, whether its diesel, LPG or electric. Technically it’s also the back of a forklift that makes sure that the truck doesn’t tip over.

HPT – Hand Pallet Truck – Is the entry-level piece of MHE… (Just testing). With a lifetime guarantee on the frame and prices starting at £269 they can reduce manual handling in your operation. You can buy them online here.

LLOP – Low Level Order Picker – An ideal truck for order picking in warehouse environments, especially for e-commerce and retail environments. The BT Optio order picking range from Toyota has been built using the key principles of the Toyota Production System find out more here.

TPS – Toyota Production System – The production method used by businesses all around the world. It guarantees only the highest quality products are manufactured. It’s a fundamental part of the way Toyota does business.

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