Brexit Impact Statement

Following on from the UK leaving the EU back in January 2020 and it is looking less likely that there will be a trade agreement with the EU. We have considered our preparations when the current transition period ends on 31st December 2020. To ensure that we can continue to provide our products and services to our customers and help maintain the continuity of our Customer’s operations, Toyota Material Handling UK (TMH UK) has updated its risk assessment and re-activated a range of countermeasures in response to the 31st December 2020 deadline. However, we will continue to monitor the ongoing negotiations and will review our plans accordingly.

The below areas of action have been identified so that TMH UK can fully support our customer’s operations:

Updated October 2020

Possible delays of inbound goods from Europe

  • We are in consultation with our Supply units, local suppliers and transport providers to ensure that any risk or delivery delay is minimised.
  • We are increasing our Parts stocks of some critical and fast-moving stock items including oils and lubes to support on-going service contracts of material handling equipment.
  • We are increasing our Hand Pallet Trucks stock levels so that our Customers continue to enjoy short lead-times.
  • We are increasing our stock levels of standard Powered Pallet Trucks.
  • Forklift trucks are manufactured predominantly in the EU with regular monthly deliveries. This equipment ordered is bespoke to customer requirements and it is not possible to implement a stocking countermeasure. However, we have a large Short-Term Rental fleet to support potential customer bridging requirements.


  • Freight Forwarders and Customs Agents for deliveries from all factories have been checked to confirm capability to comply with any additional documentation requirements.
  • Factories have been checked for capability and compliance.

Customs and VAT

  • GB EORI registration is in place ( GB669284289000 ) and other preparations are in progress to ensure importing of goods from the EU is as problem free as possible. Funding solutions are being set up for clearing additional excise payments.
  • Pricing to our customers will be reviewed when the impact of any tariffs is more understood.

Deliveries from UK to Europe

  • We export Used trucks to Europe. These truck deliveries will require further documentation to comply with EU regulations.
  • Used products will be subject to tariffs set by the receiving country.

EU Nationals within our teams

  • The vast majority of our team members are UK nationals. We have a very small number of EU nationals within our team, and we are advising and supporting these team members in their application process for UK settled status.

We are confident that our high service levels to our Customers will remain unchanged.

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