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Toyota Code of Conduct

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Our detailed roadmap

The Code of Conduct provides a detailed roadmap to guide our daily business activities.

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Raise a concern

We aim to make the Code of Conduct a tangible process, which is measurable and auditable. If an employee, stakeholder, customer or member of the public has a serious concern about the business practices of Toyota Material Handling UK, it can be raised using our confidential hotline number.

Hotline Number 01977 711043

Whilst you may make a report anonymously, we encourage any concerned party to identify themselves for the following reasons:

  • To allow a full investigation to be carried out
  • To ensure confidentiality is protected

Any personal information will be held in accordance with the Data Protection act and Toyota’s Confidentiality Policy. Reports will be investigated in accordance with Toyota’s Dealing with Violations Policy.

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Modern slavery and trafficking

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It is designed to tackle slavery in the UK and consolidates previous offences relating to trafficking and slavery. The act extends to England and Wales. All businesses with over a certain level of turnover are now required to publish an annual slavery and human trafficking statement.

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