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Toyota Tonero working in a port

What is SAS?

You may hear us mention SAS quite a lot when speaking about our forklift trucks…. but what does it actually mean? In this week’s blog, we aim to answer that question and give you an insight into its benefits.
Toyota SAS

SAS is Toyota’s System of Active Stability which is a patented safety system that helps to protect the driver, the load and the truck. It constantly monitors forklift operations and automatically takes action when it senses factors that could lead to the truck or load becoming unstable. It consists of six functions that work together to keep the driver and goods safe, while improving productivity and reducing costs. SAS is standard on Toyota Tonero engine-powered and Toyota Traigo electric powered forklift trucks.

The main benefit of SAS is that it continually protects the operator and load when driving, turning and lifting; thereby improving safety when operating trucks. It also ensures improved productivity as greater stability, mast and fork control results in more efficient working. Another important benefit is that it can help to keep driver and damage costs low.


SAS is made up of six functions these include:

Reduce the risk of sideways tip-over

  • Swing Lock Cylinder – If the truck becomes unstable during a turn, the swing lock cylinder automatically locks the rear axle to increase the truck’s stability footprint, reducing the risk of a sideways tip-over. Available on Tonero IC forklifts and Traigo electric forklifts (48 and 80 volt)
  • Speed reduction when cornering – If SAS senses the turning speed is too high, it overrides the driver’s instructions and automatically slows the truck to keep the wheels and load in the proper position. Available on Traigo electric 3 wheel forklifts.

Toyota SAS

Greater control of the mast and forks

  • Mast Front Tilt Angle Control – Monitors load height, weight and mast position. If necessary, it automatically limits the mast angle to protect the driver and load.
  • Mast Rear Tilt Speed Control – Senses possible risk factors when the load is tilted backwards, and reduces the mast speed accordingly to protect the driver, the load and the truck.
  • Fork Levelling Control – Levels the forks at the push of a button, making work easier and quicker for the driver, particularly when loads are at height.

Creating safer and more productive operations

  • Active steering synchroniser – This helps the operator by automatically aligning the steering wheel with the rear wheels. Drivers always know which direction the truck will steer for safe, productive operation.

If you want to find out more about SAS or our range of Engine-powered  or Electric Counterbalance  Forklift trucks, call 0370 850 1409.

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