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Toyota Tonero transporting goods

Toyota Tonero - simply get the job done!

Our Toyota Tonero forklift trucks have been proving their performance in different industries since 2007, so for this week’s blog post we’re celebrating 10 years of simply getting the job done with the Tonero forklift.
Toyota Tonero in construction industry

Our Toyota Tonero engine-powered counterbalance trucks have been supporting customers across the UK in keeping their business moving, with 10 years of continuous improvement on the entire range thanks to customer feedback. The Toyota Production System  (TPS), continual research and development have contributed to a counterbalance truck with proven performance in quality, safety and durability.

Available as LPG or diesel models with load capacities of 1.5 to 8 tonnes and a choice of either torque converter or hydrostatic transmission, these trucks are suitable for a range of light to heavy-duty applications. Specifically designed for industrial applications, the trucks comprise a strong steel chassis and powerful industrial engines, providing long term reliability. They also allow quick acceleration and have optimised fuel efficiency.

All Tonero trucks are fitted with Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS), the world’s first active system for controlling forklift stability. By protecting the operator and load when driving, turning, and lifting, SAS provides increased safety and improved productivity.

For more information about our Toyota Tonero range of engine-powered forklifts, call us on 0370 850 1409

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