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Top five products we love

At Toyota we all love trucks, in fact ask any of our team and I bet they spend their holidays or shopping trips Toyota truck spotting…what can we say trucks are in our DNA!
The top 5 forklift & warehouse trucks we love

As it is Valentine’s day we asked our team in the office to tell us the trucks they love the most – so here goes…


1. The BT Lifter Hand Pallet Truck

We asked Dave Prescott, our national sales manager which product he loved the most and he said the simple but effective hand pallet truck, not surprising as Dave has worked as a hand pallet truck service specialist and hand pallet truck product manager (a few years ago). “These trucks are the back bone of so many operations. They are low cost and simple to use, and if you buy a BT Lifter from Toyota it comes with a lifetime guarantee– that is true love and dedication”.

2. The Toyota Tracto TSE100 tow truck

Sally Wenham, our marketing executive loves this truck, in fact she loves the whole tow tractor range. “Tow tractors are small and compact. The reason I love the TSE100 is that is it deceptively powerful, you would not think by looking at it that it could tow up to 1.0 tonne”.

3. The Toyota Tonero HT forklift

Dave Rylance, our counterbalance product manager surprisingly loves the big and powerful Tonero HT range which has a load capacity up to 8.0 tonne. “Toyota forklifts are strong, industrial and reliable, and this truck range is the King on forklifts – a bit like me”.

4. The BT Autopilot TAE050

Alan Sowersby, our business and logistics solutions director loves the  TAE050 – the latest in simple automation. “I love innovation and this new TAE050 is a great introduction to simple automation. Simple automation provides an easy way to move items from A to B in hundreds of applications, in factories or warehouse creating huge savings. For our customers it is simple to install and operate – what’s not to love about that.”

5. The BT Reflex reach truck

Phil Tunney, head of sales training loves the BT Reflex RRE160R multifunction reach truck. “I love this truck because it is so versatile and for many customers performs a dual role working both indoors and outdoors. I loved working on reach trucks when I was a fresh faced service technician and I love teaching our sales team about them now.”


So here we have it 5 of our most loved trucks and the reasons why. To find out more about the most loved trucks in the world (and we can say this because we are world’s number one) call 0370 850 1409.

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