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Toyota Tonero used in building industry

Safe mount, dismount

When we think about forklift safety, the first thing that springs to mind is driving, but often it can be the simple task of getting on or off that can cause injury, from a slip to a serious fall.
Safe mount of forklift truck

So here are a few simple tips:


What to wear

When working with forklifts you should always wear the correct protective clothing (PPE) including safety shoes and high visibility clothing, but you should also avoid wearing loose clothing that can catch and cause you to fall.


Your working environment

You should always get on or off a forklift in a safe place and consider what is around you – whether it be other trucks, people walking or the floor conditions. Winter weather can cause additional risks from wet or icy floors, so just be aware and take a good look around.


Where to look

When mounting a truck, always face the direction of the forklift. When you are getting off you will need to look downwards toward the floor before you start your dismount. By looking in these directions it helps you to avoid making sideways movements – which can be unstable.


3 points of contact

Whether you are getting on or off a forklift you always need to remember to have 3 points of contact with the forklift, this is either one hand and two feet or two hands and one foot (or three limbs). These contact points form a triangle of anchor points that help improve stability and reduce the risk of you falling. You should only break these 3 points when you are safely in the truck or on the ground, and remember, never jump.

These tips are simple and could help you to avoid injury. They take seconds to do and could save you from a slip, trip or fall.

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