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Toyota Tonero forklift tyres

Keep track of your forklift tyres – when do they need changing?

We understand that it isn’t always easy to identify when tyres need changing and when they still have some life left in them.


Toyota tyre service

In a previous blog post, we gave you some advice on the impacts of tyre wear, and how it can affect the safety of your trucks, operators and the productivity of your operation. In our latest blog, we want to help you to recognise when your forklift tyres may need changing and when they don’t.

Tyre wear signs are different depending on the type of tyre you use; therefore, we have created three guides to show you the signs on pneumatic, solid resilient and press on band tyres.

Click here to view our PNEUMATIC TYRES guide

Click here to view our SOLID RESILIENT TYRES guide

Click here to view our PRESS ON BAND TYRES guide

For more information about how we can help you with your forklift tyre needs and requirements, click here or call 0371 964 2290

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