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Toyota Tonero used in building industry

Five reasons to book a Toyota demo

We’ve all been there. You need a new pair of work boots… you look online, do your research, consider what type of boot you need and then you go and try them on before you buy. Well buying a forklift isn’t too dissimilar (in theory)…
Demonstration wagon showing Toyota forklifts

A Toyota demonstration is a fantastic way of seeing if a Toyota forklift is suitable for your operation. You’ve read all the marketing material (research), it states that the truck is reliable, productive and safe (tick, tick, tick) your driver has heard great things about a Toyota forklift (Good news, your team sound pleased), so what do you do next? You contact Toyota Material Handling and you book a demo. Why, I hear you ask… simple… here are our top 5 reasons for booking a demo tomorrow:

  1. People buy from people. If you want to buy a forklift truck, you’ve got to know who your local contact is and what better way of building that important relationship than with a free demonstration.
  2. Kick the tyres, take it for a spin, lift a pallet, drive it over an uneven surface or even lift up the seat and look at the industrial engine. A Toyota demo is completed by a fully trained team, no hard sell just a 30-60 minute session to make sure you are getting the right piece of kit for your operation.
  3. It is never just about the forklift truck… you need to understand what would happen if you owned a Toyota truck. Well, you’ve got our demo team on site so use them. Ask them about service coverage in your area, CFTS accredited Thorough Examinations, the warranty, genuine parts  or tyres and operator training. We provide the total business solution. Everything you will need throughout the life of your truck we can provide.
  4. Ooooo the difficult bit… You like the truck but you’re not sure about price. Don’t worry. Our demo team will be up to date with all the latest product offers and different ways to buy. Short term hire, long term rental or how about looking at our used trucks. You have options.
  5. Simple… find out what the next steps are. In fact you can lay your own path. Do you want a trial, do you want a quote, do you want us to present to you or your manager/director. Whatever you want to do, you have a contact, and you’ve seen the world’s number one material handling equipment provider.

To book a demo and talk to your local Toyota Material Handling expert call 0370 850 1409 or contact us

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