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Service technician servicing a truck

Are you being serv-iced?

Recently, we spent the day with one of our service sales team to find out how they support our customers. Everyone, meet Andy:
Service sales executive

Andy has worked for Toyota for 15 years and has worked across parts and service. Ask him a question about either of these fields and he’s got the answer.

The day started with us visiting a site close by which had been generated from our telemarketing team. The company we visited had a competitor forklift truck (did you know our technicians can service any make of forklift?). Andy began by meeting the owner of the truck and asking him a few questions about how the truck is used and overall application.

Andy then went on to inspect the truck to check its general condition. This is an integral part of any site visit as it allows the sales person to identify if there is any immediate work required which could be offered as part of their quotation and provide vital information for the service technician. He then thanked the owner for his time and we hit the road.

Next up, we travelled to a customer of ours who had recently purchased a used BT Reflex reach truck and had arranged for a service plan and Thorough Examination to accompany it. Selecting the correct service plan is important and our service sales team are experts in this field. The service plan had been agreed and we simply needed a signature on the agreement and to run through what was included as part of the plan.

After that, we decided to do some ‘cold calling’. No, not the typical cold calling over the phone which you would expect; we visited some nearby businesses to find any trucks in use which we could have a quick chat about. As it happened, we found a hand pallet truck at one of the sites we visited so Andy decided to call in and ask if they had a service plan.

The business owner advised us that he did not have a service plan in place for the hand pallet truck; so Andy told him about our hand pallet truck specialists. The owner also advised that the business would be relocating to a larger site later on this year and asked us if we could quote for providing them with a used forklift truck too! Sales and service work closely together, so Andy called the local sales contact and advised them to get in touch.

Then it was back to the office. Andy contacted some customers to talk about Thorough Examination and also to process some paperwork. As you can see, a day in the life of a service sales person can be very varied and you have to be prepared for any eventuality. You never know, you may even sell a forklift truck!

Our service sales team are always out and about and would be more than happy to provide you with impartial advice on service plans, Thorough Examination and overall maintenance.

For more information fill in our contact form or call 0370 850 1402 today.

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