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Order picking trucks

With a variety of picking heights, load capacities, chassis options and masts, the BT Optio order picking trucks from Toyota suit all types of order picking operations. From low to high levels, these order pickers guarantee high productivity and efficiency.
BT Optio TSE100W

Light-duty low level order pickers

  • Lightweight and manoeuvrable
  • Easy docking for load carriers
  • Picking height up to 3 m

The BT Optio N-series are lightweight, compact order pickers with a narrow chassis. Designed to dock with a variety of trailers, they are suitable for a wide range of environments. The low step-in height, easy trailer connection and simple battery change make these trucks very user-friendly.

BT Optio OSE100W

Low-level order pickers

  • Available with lithium-ion
  • Versatile
  • Picking height up to 2.8 m

The BT Optio L-series are fast, efficient and productive order pickers that offer good ergonomics. Designed with performance and the operator in mind, these trucks are built around a robust and modular chassis. For more specialised order picking processes, we offer appropriate models such as elevating driver platform and controls for working at different heights and remote-controlled order pickers among other modes.

BT Optio OME100M

Medium-level order pickers

  • Wire/rail-guided or free-ranging
  • BT Optipace
  • Picking height up to 6.3 m

Designed for medium-level order picking, the BT Optio M-series are available with wire/rail guidance or free-ranging. These trucks provide maximum comfort in combination with productivity, with the BT Optipace for optimised lifting speed up to third-level picking. For more specialised order picking processes we offer the appropriate models such as walk-through versions for placing pallets directly on the forks.

BT Optio OME100H

High-level order pickers

  • Wire/rail-guided or free-ranging
  • BT Optipace
  • Picking height up to 12.1m

The BT Optio H-series are designed for high-level order picking in narrow aisles. Thanks to the picking height up to 12.1 m and BT Optipace system, they excel in productivity and performance. The spacious cab and adjustable controls offer the operator great comfort, even at height. A walkthrough version is also available for placing pallets directly on the forks.

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