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Toyota in-house lithium-Ion batteries

Lithium-Ion batteries

Fully integrated & assembled in-house by Toyota

Lithium-Ion solutions from Toyota

We now offer fully integrated lithium-ion batteries across the range, assembled in-house according to TPS high-quality Toyota standards.

As part of our latest innovations, we offer a complete Toyota energy solution with our in-house assembled li-ion batteries. These are fully integrated with the truck, offering further benefits and energy savings across our electric range. With thousands of our trucks already operating with Li-ion, we are able to ensure a high-quality and safe way to power your material handling equipment.

The lithium-ion solution comes with many benefits:


  • More than 3 times greater lifetime than lead-acid batteries
  • 30% more energy-efficient batteries
  • No battery topping or any maintenance required for the battery
  • No gassing of the battery meaning the customer can charge anywhere, at any time
  • 7 years warranty
  • Improved safety due to unique Toyota charging plug
  • No more battery change or charging rooms required offering further cost savings and improved safety
  • Works efficiently in chilled areas
  • With heater option for in-cold store charging and continuous performance throughout the shift

Our customers have been using this proven technology across many applications since 2014, resulting in maximised uptime and productivity in customers’ operations.

Putting Toyota’s group competence into practice, the lithium-ion battery solutions result in a modular setup of the batteries. This means customers can obtain the right battery size compatible with their needs. The modular setup also ensures aftersales flexibility due to very few parts involved, ensuring maximum uptime can be guaranteed. No matter the size of the operations, the in-house solution comes with a quick payback, making it relevant for use in all types of applications, low or high intensity. You can also be assured by an extended 7-year warranty.

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