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We’ve just about gotten over the week that was IMHX 2016. Our feet are rested and we’re feeling fresh as daisies again! In this blog post, we want to share with you our highlights from IMHX 2016.

The stand

Our stand was the biggest on show at 1100 square metres. However, that really did not prepare us for the true scale of it in real life. Encompassing our theme of the Total Business Solution, we had trucks, innovation (which we’ll get onto in a moment), automation and aftersales solutions on display to take you on a journey of the present and future of Toyota. Along with this we used virtual reality technology to put you inside our production in France to help you better understand the Toyota Production System… We also had a barista serving great coffee!

The technology

Now, this is the fun part! We had a wide display of technology on stand to show you our commitment to helping improve the efficiency of your materials handling operations. We demonstrated the BT Optio OSE250 order picker with T-Mote as part of our ‘Optimise your Order Picking’ live demonstration. We also had our Radioshuttle load carrier operating on stand to show you the benefits of high density storage. We launched the TAE050 which presented the benefits of simple automation and we also operated our automated reach truck to demonstrate our capabilities in complex automation.

The accolades

Whilst we were at IMHX, we attended the SHD Logistics awards ceremony where BITA and IMHX presented the Design4Safety awards and we were lucky enough to win two of them! Firstly, our OSE250 remote order picker with T-Mote remote control which increases efficiency and safety in order picking operations. This machine has been designed to increase efficiency and safety in order picking operations. Secondly, we won the technology award for our I_Site fleet management smartphone app with instant notifications. So needless to say we’re pretty proud!

And last but by no means least… The team

Our stand team was 60 strong and began working on the stand build as early as the Friday before the show began. Throughout the long days and busy periods everyone maintained their positivity, enthusiasm and drive to help make IMHX 2016 the best one yet. Memories were made and the experience of attending such a prestigious event is something we won’t forget for a long time!

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