I_Site truck management solution: Reaching 50,000 connected forklifts

Toyota Material Handling is about to write history by connecting its 50,000th forklift truck worldwide, making us not only the biggest forklift truck manufacturer but also the leader when it comes to telematics and innovation. Toyota connects its customers’ trucks through the awarded truck management solution I_Site.

I_Site Product Manager Marcus Löwendahl explains the power of fleet management and telematics within material handling:

"Our I_Site solution is addressed to all our customers who aim to reduce their costs, improve productivity and increase safety management in their logistics operations - whether they are a one-truck customer or have a big fleet of forklift trucks across multiple sites globally. Numerous safety-oriented customers around the world have reduced the number of accidents dramatically by introducing I_Site."


Q: What is fleet management in logistics?

Marcus: It’s about managing your trucks and managing your drivers! Each forklift truck is equipped with a telematics device which communicates over the telecom network to a web server and provides the customer with vital information on how their trucks and drivers perform. This data is accessible via the web portal or smartphone app, which is perfect when you are on the move or working remotely.


Q: Why is forklift fleet management important?

Marcus: Using a fleet management system comes with many benefits in four main areas:

  • COST CONTROL: Reduction of damage cost, optimisation of fleet size and number of drivers
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Optimised machine utilisation, improved driver performance, real-time notifications and system alerts
  • HEALTH & SAFETY: Driver access & licenses control, pre-operational check, shock monitoring, shock lockout, supervisor lockout, lockout reset procedures
  • ENVIRONMENT: Longer machine lifetime, optimised battery usage & lifetime, reduction of idling time on diesel & gas vehicles.

Q: How will fleet management in logistics evolve in the future according to your prediction?

Marcus: Following the current trend, in only a couple of years from now all forklift trucks will be connected – as well as many other “things” in society. We will also be able to connect other vehicles and machines in our customers’ logistics operations. The system will deliver all this information to the users in smarter ways, more efficiently and agile, in real time or exactly when and how you want it.


Q: How do you feel about this new milestone for I_Site?

Marcus: We are very excited to see who will be our customer with the 50.000th connected truck! It really is a milestone in our forklift truck history since none of our competitors are even close to a similar global footprint. But at the same time that number is growing so quickly that we will soon be able to celebrate100.000 and even 500.000 connected trucks.

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